Head massage & Foot Massage class

Vietnamese cuisine is very light, and extremely fresh, and is starting to gain a reputation and appreciation to rival that of Thai cuisine. Lots of crisp herbs and very fresh raw vegetables are used, giving Vietnamese food great flavor, a variety of textures and unrivalled freshness.
Diving Activities

(Outside Service & Combine trip)  

A trip to Nha Trang would be not complete without an excursion offshore to see the stunning islands that dot the coastline. Scuba  Diving in Nha Trang takes you to the Hon Mun marine park for an adventure filled journey to see the beauty and majesty of  underwater life. Dive Alpha center offers diving activities from all the main diving associations including RAID.  Please contact to our Guest Experience team of L’Alya Ninh Van Bay to reserve your Diving trip. 

Our staff will pick you up at L’Alya lounge at 6:45 am then takes you to Cau Da port to join the Diving boat. The diving trip already  includes: transportation both ways, diving equipment, lunch and drinks. 

Minimum 2 participants are required for this trip: 

Fun Dives (Certified diver) 

For 2 Persons: 6,985,000 VND 
Extra Person: 2,650,000 VND 

Fun Dive plus Refresher (Certified diver but has not dive for last 6 months) 

For 02 Persons: 8,450,000 VND 
Extra person: 3,495,000 VND 

Try Dive (Non-certified diver) 

For 02 Persons: 7,250,000 VND 
Extra Person: 2,850,000 VND 

Snorkeling combine with Diving: 1,150,000 VND/ 1 Person.

Countryside Tour by Jeep

Vintage Excursion (Outside Service – Pick up & Return at Lounge) 

Site to visit:  

  • Handcrafted villages such as hand-made clay cooking stove, sleeping mats, traditional conical Vietnamese hat and rice  paper manufacturing.1 
  • Visit a 200 year old house with its traditional Vietnamese architecture. 
  • A stop at the Dien Khanh Citadel, then visit Ha Dua church - the oldest Catholic Church in Khanh Hoa province by the  French colonialist in late 1917.  
  • Take a ride around the peaceful countryside, passing fruit plantations, and watch farmers working the paddy fields.
  • Lunch will be at a unique traditional restaurant in the countryside, serving healthy and delicious food.

Tour includes:  

  • Meal & refreshment  
  • All fees & tickets.  

Tour price: 

  • 02 Persons: 5,550,000 VND 
  • 3rd Person: 2,450,000 VND 
  • Maximum: 3 passengers/ 1 Jeep
City Tour by Jeep

Vintage Excursion (Outside Service – Pick up & Return at Lounge) 

Site to visit:  

  • Ponagar tower: built before 781 is where Hindu religious rituals take place daily. 
  • Long Son Pagoda: the tallest Buddhist temple in Nha Trang city. 
  • Nha Trang cathedral: the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nha Trang with Gothic arches and Roman architecture. Vinh Luong fish port: a visit to the fishing village, Deeping into the culture and traditions of Vietnamese fisherman’s life.
  • Duration: 05 Hours 

Tour includes:  

  • English speaking guide 
  • Light refreshment and all fees, tickets. 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 4,550,000 VND 
  • 3rd person: 2,250,000 VND 
  • Maximum: 3 passengers/ 1 Jeep
Hiking Trail Adventures

After a few days of pure indulgence at L’Alya Ninh Van Bay why not challenge yourself to one of our 2 complimentary hikes led by  our experienced guides or for the more fit and the adventurous The Ultimate Ninh Van Bay Trail each offering different views of  the stunning Ninh Van Bay. 

We insist that you are led by our guides on each trail as you are entering a really untouched and alive Jungle. Our guides know the  trail very well and also carry water along with a first aid kit. In case you wish to use our boat to come back to resort, a service pick  up fee will be added.  

The Jungle Rock Trail 

This hike through the Forrest will take 1.5 hours starting at 8:30am. The record is 1 hour. On this hike you will need supportive  shoes as you will climb past 2 waterfalls and then do a small abseil down some large rocks. Be prepared to sweat and keep up with  the guides if you are up for the challenge. 

The Mini Beach Trail 

This adventure hike through the Forrest will take ca. 60 minutes starting at 08:30 am starting from the center of the Resort. It is  recommended that you wear supportive shoes (no Flip Flop’s) as you will climb past to a big rock where you can see the whole view  of L’Alya Resort.

The Jungle picnic

Private & hideaway dining experience 

Let’s take 10 minutes to walk up to the jungle where you can relax near by a small waterfall as well as choosing your favorite picnic  lunch menu to enjoy your day of relaxing.  

Time recommended: 11:30 am 

Lunch includes: 

  • Sandwich or baguette 
  • Salad 
  • Sliced fresh fruits platter 
  • Sparkling wine or local beer 

Tour price: 

For 01 Person: 1,325,000 VND

Boat Charter

Tailor your own day 

Spend your day cruising around the magnificent Ninh Van Bay with our experienced local guides share their stories and  knowledge about the fishing culture and daily lives of the Ninh Van Bay locals, surrounding islands and attractions. 

The picnic lunch and other snorkeling & fishing gears could be arranged up on your request.  

Traditional fishing boat (02 persons) 

  • First 02 hours: 2,350,000 VND 
  • From 3rd hour: 950,000 VND 
  • From 3rd person: 650,000 VND/added person 

Wooden catamaran (04 persons) 

  • First 02 hours: 4,650,000 VND 
  • From 3rd hour: 1,950,000 VND
  • From 5th person: 700,000 VND/added person 

Other note: 

Please note that other expenses from guest such as entrance fees or entertains are not included on this trip.

City tour & mud bath

A grate combination  

Let’s having a day to visit Nha Trang city to know about the historic & culture as well as relax & experience the best mud bath at  Thap Ba hot spring center. 

Site to visit: 

  • Chong Promontory Rocks 
  • Po Nagar towers 
  • Nha Trang cathedral 
  • Long Son pagoda 
  • Mud bath experience 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Lunch & drinks 

Tour price: 

  • 02 person: 4.895.000 VND 
  • Extra person: 1.695.000 VND
River Tour & Mud Bath Experience

A day of relaxation 

Enjoy your beautiful day by boating along Cai river to feel the peaceful of riversides with bamboo trees, rice field, and  local life’s as well as spend your time for relaxation in the Hot Spring Mud bath center. 

Departure time: 9:00 am 


  • Cruising along Cai river 
  • Visit ancient house 
  • Experience mud bath 
  • Visit Ponagar temple 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Soft drinks & lunch 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 5,495, 000 VND 
  • Extra person: 1,650,000 VND
Marine Park

Exploring the best marine life of Nha Trang 

This is a full day excursion exploring the local bays and islands at your leisure. You will past by the various islands around Nha  Trang, including the caves inhabited by the swallows, famous for the harvesting of their nests for Bird Nest Soup. You can also go  snorkeling at Hon Mun Marine Park to see the best coral reefs and fish life Nha Trang has to offer. 

Departure time: 9:00 am 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Soft drinks & lunch 
  • Snorkeling gears 

Tour price: 

  • Using shuttle boat & car transfer: 
Sunset & Romantic Cruise

The best moment of Ninh Van bay 

Spend the afternoon cruising around the magnificent Ninh Van Bay whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly and enjoying a selection of  canape as our experienced local guides share their stories and knowledge about the fishing culture and daily lives of the Ninh Van  Bay locals, surrounding islands and attractions. 

Time recommended: 04:00 pm 

Tour includes: 

  • A bottle of sparkling wine 
  • Canapes 

Traditional fishing boat (02 persons) 

  • 02 persons: 2,550,000 VND 
  • Extra person: 650,000 VND 

Wooden catamaran (04 persons) 

  • 04 persons: 5,350,000 VND
Fishing Cruise

For those who love fishing, come and join early fishing trip on our traditional fishing boat. It would be a fun experience to have  feeling of catching some fishes on the sea as well as enjoy the most fresh air moment of the day on the cruise. 

Departure time: 6:00 am 
Duration: 3 hours trip 

Tour includes:  

  • Fishing gears 
  • Drinks 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 2.450.000 VND 
  • Extra person: 650.000 VND 

Other note: 

Please note that this fishing trip should be organized early in the morning then you can come back on time for your breakfast at the  restaurant

Fishing & Snorkeling Cruise

Exploring & experience 

For those who love fishing, come and join our fishing & snorkeling trip that is privately arranged by our Excursion staff. The local  wooden boat or Catamaran will take you to the fishing spots where you can do fishing as well as discovery the beautiful coral reef  for some swimming and snorkeling. 

Departure time: 9:00 am 

Duration: 03 hours trip to: 

  • Experience snorkeling 
  • Experience fishing 

Tour includes: 

  • Fishing & snorkeling gears 
  • Refreshment & soft drinks 

Traditional fishing boat (02 - 04 persons)

  • 02 persons: 3,250,000 VND
  • Extra person: 650,000 VND

Wooden catamaran (04 -12 persons) 

  • 04 persons: 5,750,000 VND 
  • Extra person: 650,000 VND
Yang Bay Waterfall

An especial design for adventures lover 

Natural preference creates Yang Bay waterfall standing out for its magnificence and mystery with many scenic beauties. It is  famous for a primitive forest full of rare plants, animals and lyric waterfall called Yang Khang. Let’s come & explore. 
Departure time: 9:00 am 

Site to visit:  

  • Discover Yang Bay Park by electric car 
  • Sightseeing Yang Bay & Yang Khang waterfall 
  • Entertain by bear fishing, crocodile fishing, etc. 
  • Enjoy ethnic culture performances 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Lunch & soft drink 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 5.250.000 VND 
  • Extra person: 1.650.000 VND
Monkey Island

A great way to get close to wild monkeys 

Spend time to discover and make friend to hundreds of wild monkeys on Hon Lao Island as well as to see the animal show of answer  mathematical question and perform acts. 
Departure time: 8:30 -9:00 am by wooden boat 


  • Discover Hon Lao island 
  • Feeding monkey 
  • Enjoy the animal show 
  • Participant in some folk games 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Refreshment &soft drinks 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 3,250,000 VND 
  • Extra person: 750,000 VND
Local Market Tour

An authentic market experience 

To discover & explore the local style of purchase daily items in local markets as well as tasting the local street foods & drinks. Departure time: 6:30 am 

Site to visit: 

  • Luong Son harbor 
  • Xom Moi seafood market 
  • Explore Dam market 
  • Nha Trang streets 

Tour includes: 

  • Breakfast & drinks 
  • Cyclo experience 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 4.750.000 VND 
  • Extra person: 1.050.000 VND
Discovery Real Vietnam

Experience the Authentic Vietnamese Culture 

This is a tailor-made excursion that offers you a fascinating insight into the “real lives” of everyday people who are the backbone of  Vietnam, one of the best ways to experience the “True” Vietnamese countryside. 
Departure time: 9:00 am 

Site to visit: 

  • Countryside sight seeing 
  • Handicraft home business: 5 workshops 
  • Ancient house  
  • Cruise along Cai river 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Lunch & soft drinks 

Tour price: 

  • 02 persons: 5.450.000 VND 
  • Extra person: 1.250.000 VND
Nha Trang City Tour

Cultural & historic experience 

This is the best choice for a day in Nha Trang city to visit all cultural & historic sites as well as shopping centers. Departure time: 9:00 am 

Site to visit: 

  • Chong Promontory Rocks 
  • Po Nagar towers 
  • Nha Trang cathedral 
  • Long Son pagoda 
  • Nha Trang shopping centers 

Tour includes: 

  • Entrance fees 
    Lunch & soft drinks 

Tour price: 

  • Private tour:
  • 02 person: 4.150.000 VND
  • Added person: 1.250.000 VND
  • Combine tour:
  • 01 person: 1.950.000 VND

Before you go.... 

For our activities, staff or your butler will be happy to arrange any activity for you, whether you decide to be adventurous or be a  little more indulgent with a glass of champagne on a sunset cruise around the local islands and bays. For most activities, all you will  need to bring is some sunscreen, a hat, your camera and a sense of adventure, and we will take care of the rest. Our excursions include: 

  • Experienced & English speaking guides 
  • Transportation 
  • Service charges and entry fees, including boat transfers from the resort 
  • Refreshments, including soft drinks and local beer 

Of course, for full day activities, our culinary team will prepare you a delicious picnic, or we will organize for you to have a  traditional Vietnamese lunch in a local restaurant. 

Please notify our staff of any morning for full day activities you wish to do the day before so we have adequate time to organize a  fantastic experience for you. For afternoon or evening excursions, we should be ready for your departure with just a few hours’  notice. 

Please note that a cancellation charge of 50% of your booked activity will apply for any cancellation after 8:00pm the day prior to  the booked trip. If the weather or conditions are deemed to be unsuitable for your excursion, management may cancel the activity.


See the sites and culture of Nha Trang by: 

Discover real Vietnam and experience how the locals live, this is a cultural experience you will never forget

Early morning experience local markets 


Yang Bay Water Fall 

Monkey Island 


Fishing & Snorkeling Cruise 

Sunset Cruise 


Jungle Rock Trail 

Mini Beach Trail 


Basket boat netting 

Seasonal harvest